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सोमवार, असार ४, २०८१
Monday, June 17, 2024

सोमवार, असार ४, २०८१
Monday, June 17, 2024

A pumped storage project built over 14 years to stabilize Europe’s grid

KATHMANDU, The European country Switzerland has constructed and put into operation a 900 Mw pumped storage hydropower project. The Nant de Drance Pump Storage Hydropower Project, built in Valais, Switzerland, has been put into operation this week.

The international media reported that it took 14 years for this pump storage hydropower project to be completed and put into operation. The construction of this pumped storage hydropower project was started in the year 2008. In this pumped storage hydropower project, which is promoted by Nant de Drance SA, Alpic owns 39 percent, SFR 36 percent, IWB 15 percent, and FMV 10 percent.

It is reported in the news that the official opening of this pump storage hydropower project is only in the month of September. The electricity produced by this project will play an important role in maintaining the status and quality of the transmission grid of all entire Europe, including Switzerland. In addition, this project is also considered important for Switzerland’s energy security.

This pumped storage hydroelectric power plant constructed in Finhout is built 600 meters below the ground. An underground power plant has been constructed between Imosone and Vieux Imosone reservoirs. The water of these reservoirs will be used for the operation of the power plant. The power plant has 6 pump turbines with a capacity of 150 megawatts. During the construction period of the Pump Storage Hydropower Project, 650 people have got direct employment opportunities. About 60 companies have been involved in this pumped storage hydropower project.

After generating electricity, the water is released into the lower reservoir. During the night when the electricity demand is low, the water of the lower reservoir is pumped again and taken to the upper reservoir, and electricity is produced. The pump storage hydropower project, which was initially built at 600 megawatts, was upgraded to 900 megawatts by expanding its capacity in 2011. For Europe, which is going to replace coal-based thermal plants and nuclear furnaces, this pumped storage hydropower project will meet the huge demand for electricity.

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