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बिहिबार, जेष्ठ १०, २०८१
Thursday, May 23, 2024

बिहिबार, जेष्ठ १०, २०८१
Thursday, May 23, 2024

WoPPP’s expertise crucial for investment promotion in Nepal: PM

KATHMANDU: A three-member delegation of the World Organisation for Public Private Partnership (WoPPP) including its president Ziad Alexander Hayek, called on Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba and discussed investment opportunities in Nepal under the PPP modality.

During the meeting, Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba said that there is potential for investment in Nepal under PPP, especially in clean and renewable energy, sustainable tourism and health, education, information technology, safe urban infrastructure, electric transport, tunnels, roads, industrial production, agricultural processing, among others. PM Deuba also said that Nepal is willing to take advantage of the expertise in the WoPPP to make the PPP project investment feasible in Nepal. “The WoPPP’s expertise is crucial for investment promotion in Nepal,” he further said.

 He asked the delegation to circulate the message highlighting the immense potential of Nepal for investment becoming a partner in Nepal’s journey towards prosperity as goodwill ambassadors.  On the occasion, the WoPPP delegation stated that the PPP is the ideal investment modality to promote investment in critical infrastructure and make the service delivery of the government more efficient and quality. He mentioned that by attracting domestic and foreign direct investment, the foundation for sustainable and inclusive economic growth will be created.

 The WoPPP chief Hayek appreciated Nepal’s efforts to achieve economic development creating an investment-friendly climate through legal and institutional arrangements related to PPP and investment. The delegation emphasized the need for Nepal to create a competitive environment for investment facilitation under the PPP approach.

 The delegation suggested that the Nepal government develop the capacity of organizations working in the field of the PPP. Sushil Bhatt, Chief Executive Officer of the Investment Board Nepal, briefed the Prime Minister about the support being extended by the WoPPP to Nepal in the process of investment promotion and developing institutional and business capacity.





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