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मङ्लबार, असार ५, २०८१
Tuesday, June 18, 2024

मङ्लबार, असार ५, २०८१
Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Additional 3300 MW electricity within 3 years

KATHMANDU: Energy projects with a total installed capacity of 3300 MW are under construction with the investment of subsidiaries of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) and the private sector. These hydroelectric and solar power projects are being constructed in various districts with the target of completion within the next 3 years. Four hydroelectric projects with a total capacity of 447.3 MW are under construction through the partner companies of the NEA while four hydropower projects are under construction through the subsidiary companies namely 111 MW Rasuwagadhi, 102 MW Madhyabhotekosi, 14.8 MW Upper Sanjen, 42.5 MW Sanjen.

These projects, which have been under construction since 2014, should have been completed and brought into the national grid. However, due to various reasons, the construction of the projects has been delayed, and these projects have not yet come into the system. These projects, which have reached the final stage of construction, are likely to be completed within the current fiscal year and connected to the transmission system.

The private sector is constructing a total of more than 2833 MW projects. According to NEA’s Electricity Trade Department, hydropower projects of 2775.788 MW are under construction. According to the department, 57.8 MW solar power projects are being constructed by the private sector in different districts. 125 hydropower and 10 solar power projects initiated by the private sector are under construction.

Among the currently under construction, 800 MW power projects are being completed within the fiscal year 2022/23. This year, 82 MW Lower Solu, 86 MW Solu Dudhkosi, 44 MW Super Madi, 25 MW Upper Dordi ‘A’, and 27 MW Dordi Khola projects are being completed in the Solu Corridor along with Rasuwagadhi, Upper Sanjen, and Sanjen.


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