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मङ्लबार, असार ५, २०८१
Tuesday, June 18, 2024

मङ्लबार, असार ५, २०८१
Tuesday, June 18, 2024

UML pledges to generate 6500 MW in five years, bring in 2.5 million tourists

KATHMANDU: The Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) United Marxist and Leninist (CPN-UML) released its election manifesto with the target to increase annual arrival of tourists to 2.5 million and expanding irrigation facilities to all cultivable land across the country within five years. The 96-page long manifesto unveiled on Tuesday for the upcoming elections of the House of Representatives and Province Assemblies also pledged to provide 10 thousand liters of drinking water and generate an additional 6500 MW of electricity within the period. The UML has also announced to expand the broadband internet service to all local level centers of Tarai-madhesh and hill districts.


The manifesto also pledged to expand irrigation facilities to all cultivable land, maximize the use of modern technology in irrigation systems, and complete big multi-purpose irrigations, river diversion irrigations, shallow tubewell, and deep tubewell irrigations within five years.


The UML has also made a commitment to increase the annual inflow of foreign tourists to 2.5 million making Nepal an attractive tourist destination. The UML also announced to conduct various programs for promoting tourism within and outside the country.

Drinking water

All drinking water projects, which are under construction will be completed within five years. Protection of natural water sources, and processing of drinking water ensure that there will not be a negative impact on the recharging of underground water. will be prioritized. All households will be provided with 10,000 liters of drinking water free of cost.


Electricity consumption will be increased provided it at an affordable price for general people. Substituting imported fuels with domestically generated energy and encouraging the use of electricity in households, industrial and commercial purposes.  A total of 6500 MW of electricity will be generated within five years, and access to electricity for all populations will be made within two years. All households will get free electricity for up to 50 units and 30 units during raining season and winter season respectively.

Urban development

The government will guarantee safe housing for all Nepali citizens to avoid the chances of becoming any person homeless. The right to housing will be ensured through people’s housing programs. An approach of the integrated settlement will be adopted to move forward with the cluster housing system by transferring scattered settlements to safer places. A special program will be launched to develop 50 new cities and modern city infrastructures will be developed in 50 more cities.  Cities will be gradually converted into green cities. Lanfield sites will be developed at each local level.


The UML has acknowledged that the transport sector is the departure point for the development of other sectors. High priority will be given to the development of vital infrastructures including roads, railways, airports, and waterways. Roads will be made environment-friendly.  National highways which are under construction will be completed within five years. During the period, the government will complete expanding the East-west highway, strategic highways, and North-South Corridors, among other critical road infrastructures. Bardibas-Nijgadh section of the East-west Railway will be completed and commence operation of rail service while construction of the Nijgadh-Butwal section will be moved ahead. Construction of the Rasuwagadhi-Kathamndu and Kathmandu-Birgunj railway will be started. A necessary study will be conducted to operate metro rail in all metropolitan cities and urban cable cars.

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