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सोमवार, बैशाख ३, २०८१
Monday, April 15, 2024

सोमवार, बैशाख ३, २०८१
Monday, April 15, 2024

Gov blacklists 40 companies

KATHMANDU: The government has blacklisted 40 companies during the first four months of the current financial year 2022/23. Companies involved in construction, good supplies, and consulting services are among those backlisted.  Five companies are from the purchase of goods, a company from consulting services, and 34 companies from public construction sectors.

Umesh Dhungana, the spokesperson of the Public Procurement Monitoring Office (PPMO), said the number of backlisted companies increased with the rise in the number of construction firms involved in expanding the construction sector in the country.

“Compared to the previous few years, the number of blacklisted companies is increasing,” said Dhungana. However, six of the blacklisted companies- all from the public construction sector, were removed from the blacklist through a court order. In the case of such companies, they can work until the final order.

There is a legal provision that states that public bodies cannot participate in any procurement process for a specified period of time.  According to the Public Procurement Act, 2063, and Regulation 2064, companies can be blacklisted for a maximum of three years, depending on the nature of the particular issue. In the first four months of the financial year 2021/022, forty-two companies were blacklisted.

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