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आइतवार, बैशाख २, २०८१
Sunday, April 14, 2024

आइतवार, बैशाख २, २०८१
Sunday, April 14, 2024

Distribution of Eco-friendly menstrual pants proves cost efficient

KATHMANDU: High-level officials of Thelma and Louise France Group, a non-profit charitable organization, visited Nepal on October 29 to distribute eco-friendly menstrual pants. Menstrual pants are a relatively new initiation in both rural and urban areas of the country, considering the popularity of other sanitary products. The popular choices in the country include sanitary pads, which are not affordable for many and are also not eco-friendly.

Thelma and Louise France distributed items throughout the country, and Greentech for Women, an organization dedicated to developing, promoting, and funding eco-feminist project models, distributed items in rural government schools, which require more assistance with sanitation. Arya Manandhar, Founder of Greentech for Women, distributed menstrual pants to girls, teachers, and staff at Bishankhu Narayan School, a rural government school on the outskirts of Kathmandu Valley.

According to Manandhar, the organization believes that by distributing eco-friendly pants among different age groups, they will be able to receive feedback from a diverse set of individuals, such as school-going girls, teachers, and their family members in rural areas. “ Our motive is to help females combat the increasing rate of period (menstrual cycle) poverty with cost-effective products that are also eco-friendly,” said Manandhar.

The menstrual cycle is a natural biological process for females who have to make a choice between costly sanitary items, which are often not biodegradable, and daily household essentials. While interacting with girls in the school on their preferred menstruation products, including the pros and cons of each product they have used till date. It was revealed that sanitary pads have always received a positive response compared to menstrual cups and tampons in that region,” added Manandhar.

Manandhar looks forward to hearing the feedback from the school-going girls and teachers on their new eco-friendly product. She also hopes that the distribution of pants will have a positive impact on their lives and increase their school attendance. The team of Greentech for Women also looks forward to future collaboration with Thelma and Louise France Group and commends their continued support and contribution to the females in the country.

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