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सोमवार, असार ४, २०८१
Monday, June 17, 2024

सोमवार, असार ४, २०८१
Monday, June 17, 2024

Rampantly installed cable being managed in Biratnagar

KATHMANDU : Biratnagar Metropolis has started managing cable and wire rampantly-installed in the municipal area. Wire management has been paced as part of a campaign to develop Biratnagar as a clean, beautiful and well-managed city.

Following the directive of the metropolitan city, cable and internet service providers now are engaged in managing the rampantly-hurled wire and cable.

Wire management has gained momentum since last January 12. On the presence of Mayor Nagesh Koirala, deputy mayor Shilpa Nirala Karki and chief administrative officer Bishnu Prasad Koirala, Biratnagar metropolitan city has held several rounds of meetings with the representatives of concerned companies for wire management.

Chief Administrative Officer Koirala shared that the task of wire management was progressing as per the decision of several rounds meetings.

Companies including MAX, Subisu, World Link, Vianet and Nepal Telecom are managing the wires. Koirala said all wires would be managed within coming mid-April.

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