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मङ्लबार, असार ५, २०८१
Tuesday, June 18, 2024

मङ्लबार, असार ५, २०८१
Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Four important understandings and agreements at the energy conference, preparations to sell 200 megawatts of electricity directly to Indian private companies

At the Energy Conference 2023, which started on Tuesday in Kathmandu, important agreements and understandings regarding power purchase and sale were made between the private energy companies of Nepal and India.An agreement was signed between the Nepal Power Exchange Company and India’s Steelmint India Company, which was established for the purpose of cross border electricity trade, in the presence of Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal in the conference held at Hotel Hyatt.

Krishna Acharya, President of Independent Power Producers Association, Nepal (IPAN) and Kshitij Pandey, General Manager of Steelmint India signed the agreement on behalf of Nepal Power Exchange Company.Nepal Power Exchange is a subsidiary company of IPAN. According to the agreement, Mint Power Index will be started in Nepal. It will serve as a platform to provide information on electricity tariffs, electricity demand and supply management. Steel India is one of the leading companies providing information to consumers about the steel, coal and power industries in India.

Similarly, a memorandum of understanding regarding power purchase was signed between India’s Manikaran Power Company and Nepal’s Bijbel Energy Company. According to the agreement, Bizbel Energy is constructing 103.5 MW capacity in Humla Chuwa Khola will be purchased by the Indian company Manikaran.

The MoU was signed by Managing Director Sushil Pokharel on behalf of Bizbel Energy and Managing Director Ashish Garg on behalf of Nepal Power Exchange Company and Pravin Abraham, Director of the company on behalf of Manikaran. According to the agreement, Nepal Power Exchange Company will act as an intermediary for the purchase and sale between the power purchase company Manikaran and the selling company Bizbel. In the conference, a memorandum of understanding was also signed between Manikaran and Kasuwa Khola hydropower projects. The additional electricity produced by the 45 MW Kasuwa river hydropower project in Sankhuwasabha will be sold to Manikaran. Kasuwa Khola has already signed a 45 MW power purchase agreement with the Nepal Electricity Authority.

However, after the government decided to reduce Q to 25 and increase the power generation capacity, the project plans to increase the capacity and produce up to 85 MW.According to this, the amount of power generation will be sold in excess of the agreement with the electricity authority. Manikaran will play a role in the long-term consumption of electricity generated from the Kasuwakhola hydroelectric project in India. Similarly, for this work, Nepal Power Exchange Company will play a role as an intermediary between buyers and sellers.

Similarly, an agreement was signed between FIFTY HERZ Private and Green Resources Company in the conference. These two companies will work as a joint venture to solve problems in various fields of green energy.In particular, the joint venture company will manage solar and hydropower project capacity and product launch, project capacity enhancement and project assets. The agreement was signed by Vinit Kumar, President of the company on behalf of FIFTY HEZ and Ashish Garg on behalf of Green Resources.

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