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सोमवार, बैशाख ३, २०८१
Monday, April 15, 2024

सोमवार, बैशाख ३, २०८१
Monday, April 15, 2024

Drinking water in Ramnagar from four months voluntary contribution

BHARATPUR: Drinking water has been brought to Ramnagar of Chitwan after making voluntary contribution of around four months.

Locals of Bharatpur metropolitan city made voluntary contribution to bring water of Khaharekhola located at Bharatpur metropolitan city-29. Citizens of different areas of Chitwan also supported to the locals in voluntary contribution.

With this, locals of Ramnagar, Thimura and Devghat areas would get drinking water facility. A new pipe was laid at around eight kilometers of distance to bring the drinking water of Khaharekhola. Saying drinking water shortage was the main problem of Ramnagar folks, a local Sita Bhatta said, “The problem we were facing for drinking water has now resolved. We are so happy.”

Bharatpur Drinking Water Expansion Project was launched with the collaboration of Nepal and government of Japan in 2049 BS. Four water tanks were constructed during the period. Drinking water used to be brought from Jugedi and distributed at the different areas of Bharatpur.

The water tank area had turned into bush after many infrastructures were destroyed during the armed conflict period. Preparation has been made to distribute drinking water to around 2,500 households of Ramnagar and Thimura areas for the time being.

It is said that around Rs 10 million was spent to bring the drinking water from voluntary contribution.

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