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शुक्रबार, माघ १३, २०७९
Friday, January 27, 2023

शुक्रबार, माघ १३, २०७९
Friday, January 27, 2023

Butwal-Lumbini transmission line operation, distribution system in Bhairahawa area is improving

KATHMANDU: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has brought the 132 Kv Butwal-Lumbini Transmission Line (TL) into operation. The double circuit TL from Yogikuti (Butwal) to Mainhiya was constructed to improve the power distribution system in the Bhairahawa area of ​​the Rupandehi district. According to NEA, the 18-kilometer Butwal-Lumbini TL from the Butwal substation to the Mainhiya substation was operationalized by charging electricity from Wednesday. According to NEA, with the construction of the TL, the infrastructure has been prepared to supply an additional 200 Mw of electricity.

A 132/33/11 Kv substation has been constructed in Mainhiya under the TL infrastructure. The substation has two power transformers of 45 MVA capacity and 33/11 Kv and 16 MVA capacity power transformers. The TL’s project chief Hari Prasad Pandey said that the power supply in Butwal and Bhairahawa areas will be improved as soon as the transmission line comes into operation. He said that 10 feeders of 33 Kv will be extracted from the Mainhiya substation for the local power supply.

The project constructed total of 57 towers along the 18 km TL structure. A 132 Kv transmission line has been laid 2 km underground in the Butwal main city area. Preliminary works on the project started in 2013/14. The construction of the project was delayed due to alignment change, the Covid-19 epidemic, and other reasons. A 132 Kv double circuit TL is being constructed to supply electricity from the Mainhiya substation to Uttar Pradesh, India. The construction of the TL from the Mainhiya substation to the Sampatiya (New Nautanwa) substation in Uttar Pradesh, India is in the final stage.

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